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She met French actor, Olivier Martinez at the 2002 Grammy Awards ceremony and began their affairs since then.

However, this relation also didn't last that long and finally end it in February 2007.

Kylie Minogue is not married and also not divorced.

She started dating Neighbors’ co-star Jason Donovan during her run on the show.

However, the audiences have become increasingly privy to ridiculous and fake Hollywood relationships, and I’m not sure how many people will buy Zac’s new romance.

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Since that was the day that twice-court-martialed Army vet Freddie Cowan, a Nazi-sympathizing powerlifter, showed up to work angry.

Angry and festooned with, in addition to tattoos of swastikas, knives and skulls, bandoliers of ammo, four pistols and a Saco .308 HK-41 semiautomatic assault was getting suspended at his job moving furniture for Neptune, presumably for being rude to customers, that broke the camel’s back — a break that later saw the 33-year-old Cowan kick in the doors at 55 Weyman Ave.