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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of an i Phone must be in want of a swipe.

One of the most annoying things about being single is that your married friends often accuse you of being picky, as if there was a whole world of soul mates out there, not just one. SUNDAY It’s day one, I’m an hour in and I’ve already swiped right on 80 men, most of whom would have been definite left swipes. Tinder is my favourite way of meeting men, precisely because you don’t have to talk to the ones you’re not attracted to.

I asked him to not go there, because I was not comfortable going there just yet.

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I’m quite grateful to the men too busy, shy or just not into me enough to want to message.So, to prove I’m really not picky I decided to swipe right to EVERY man on Tinder for a week. It’s like having a bodyguard who puts a hand on unwanted suitors’ shoulders and says ‘the lady said no’. As I drive to work I hear several little pings meaning new messages and feel a mixture of pleasure and guilt. Still, I have 43 matches and seven messages before 9am.On the plus side, I never message men first, so maybe swiping right on them all won’t make much difference. I get up early and spend a good half hour swiping right to, among others, two tattooed body parts (no face pics, just arms and shins), three football logos (I don’t watch sport) and a cute guy with a leopard (okay, he’ll do). TUESDAY In keeping with the ‘swipe right’ mentality of the experiment, I reply to all the messages I get this week.I think y’all need to slow down and you relax and build more tension before actually having sex his way.”“You need to have a chat with him and explain to him that you’re not finding it enjoyable because he’s being too rough and not taking your needs into consideration. Then, do the same, but instead you talk about what you like and you take control. You said you felt overwhelmed that he kept switching positions. Tell him what he’s doing that makes you uncomfortable, even if you are in bed.” Oof.It will only work if he stops being so selfish hun! First of all, if someone ever straight up told me I was terrible at sex, I would be super mad. If you want something different in bed, then ask for it. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.