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His father was a manager at an electric company while his mother was a nurse.

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The change in location allows for a fresh take on a four-decade-old mission: to better understand the way images affect our lives.

At a ceremony today in Canberra, Australia, an arrangement was signed to begin a ten-year strategic partnership between ESO and Australia.After more than a decade of planning, construction and testing, the new Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) has seen first light with the instrument MUSE, capturing amazingly sharp views of planetary nebulae and galaxies.The coupling of the AOF and MUSE forms one of the most advanced and powerful technological systems ever built for ground-based astronomy.The first room is dimly lit, in stark contrast to the bright white “village square”-like entry area, almost like a negative.Warped mirrors wrap around you, reflecting a few scattered lights, which bounce off the smooth gray floor.Using new observations from ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope, astronomers have discovered three different populations of young stars within the Orion Nebula Cluster.