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The Grade, an app that lets you score your matches and downvote rude or inappropriate people, collected data on which male and female names attract the most right-swipes.

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Many of the videos involve role-play; the 'artists' pretend to be hairdressers, or beauty therapists, or shop assistants. The phenomenon has been given a scientific-sounding name; ASMR (Auto-Sensory Meridian Response), although, apart from one thesis still not published, there's damn-all by way of scientific data to explain it.But ASMR has been getting some media attention recently, and I figure it's about to become mainstream. The New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent (UK) and the Huffington Post have all run features on the rising popularity of ASMR in the last two years.If a friend called over to my house in the evening and stayed a while, I'd get really irritated." A couple of months later, Neil started missing nights out with friends, and rarely came out of his room.Bit by bit, this Galwegian started to cut himself off from what he describes as "the important time you don't recognise, the time you spend connecting with other people".

"The funny thing is, I never thought porn was the problem," Neil says.

Another site for us parents to worry about our teenagers being active on!

Even though I try to keep up to date with current research, I find that even the research is often behind the curve when it comes to the fast-moving trends in social networking and their impact on teenagers. There seems to be an overwhelmingly negative impact of social networking, with few positive outcomes.

For example, I only just heard about a site, used by teenagers, called 'Omegle', which is ostensibly a social networking site in which you can keep your identity a secret and "chat" to strangers.

In fact, as I later discovered, the site is used, predominantly, for sexual interactions, either text only or via webcams.