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But, this trip is significant because it will be my last biz trip with D&E.
Unfortunately, the TV star has struggled with infertility in the past. "I’ve had some not happy moments with [IVF], very traumatic moments. It’s not something that can just happen." MORE: Tyra Banks Talks Work-Life Balance With Her Baby Son — "He's Taught Me to Focus on One Thing at a Time" A source recently told that Tyra tried to conceive a baby for a year and a half before her son was born.

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Other locals who are ranked: Serena Williams (16), ex-UM'er Andre Johnson (38), Venus Williams (42), Miami-raised Alex Rodriguez (61), ex-Cane Ray Lewis (78), and Miami native Chad Ochocinco (98). Baseball contemporaries of his made the list (David Wright, Evan Longoria), but not Hanley, because his outside endorsements are lacking.Also, Derek Rose made the list but Michael Beasley did not.The Super Bowl dominates the list of the most-watched programs in American television history, routinely drawing more than 100 million total viewers — even in the current era, where shows that attract more than 10 million are considered smash hits.The mania for all things related to the NFL's annual championship game spreads beyond game day.The first Baseball Prospectus team predictions for 2010 are out, and the Marlins are seen as dead last in their division, set to finish 76-86. CBS supposedly has said no-way to a Super Bowl ad that a male dating website called tried to buy. "Those were taken over a year and a half ago," he explained."I've grown since then." Heater Dwyane Wade is No.The entertainment media speculates about what the halftime show will entail.And seemingly everyone — from casual fans to the New York Times — talks about the commercials.

A Miami man, in a Craigslist ad (seen at right) offers to "trade left testicle for Super Bowl tickets." That had to be a difficult decision. I can't blame the guy for making the trade offer. I'm more worried about the person Geez, why play the damned season! I don't know what the hell that is, but it hates the Marlins. They should run it back-to-back with the Tim tebow ad by anti-gay group Focus on the Family. "I'm Bigger Than Greg Oden." I particularly liked the NBA'er's response to the nude photos of him that were publicized on the Internet by an ex-girlfriend -- photos that exposed some, ah, um, largeosity south of the beltline.

6 on the 2010 Bloomberg/Business Week Power 100 ranking of athletes based mostly on earning potential, and based on what they did (and raked in) in '09.

Ahead of him: Tiger Woods, Le Bron James, Phil Mickelson, Albert Pujols and Peyton Manning.

“The ad needs to grab emotion and knock it out of the park," said Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of “The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing." Often that means shooting a missile at the prurient core of the human brain. What the skinny-dipping couple doesn’t realize is that a bunch of exuberant bar patrons are enjoying the action from an underground pub.

In that spirit, here's the "best" of the seamier side of Super Bowl commercials. The brewing company never got an audience for the ad during the game, but it wasn’t a total buzz kill.